Thank you for your interest in becoming an International Taekwon-Do Advertiser.

As an Advertiser, you will enjoy the advantage of being the “go to” supplier for our members.
We currently have over 3000 active members with around 500 joining each year. Instructors recommend our advertisers to their students, and you will be promoted on our website, which receives around 25,000 visitors each month.

We look forward to working with you and establishing a partnership that provides us both with wonderful opportunities as we go into a most exciting time for the art.


Advertising Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities to advertise with International Taekwon-Do, which are listed below.

List your Own Event

This is for any ITKD Members or Clubs that wish to have a private TKD event listed on the ITKD website with an associated registration form. There is a $50 for for this service.

What you get:

  • A form hosted on our website so participants can register for the event
  • The form can include your bank information for on-line payments
  • Automatic emails when a person registers
  • Private links to be able to edit registrations, view payments, add or remove participants
  • A listing of the event in the ITKD Calendar (on the Home Page)
  • A link on the ITKD Home page for the event


Website Advertiser

  • We offer a special casual monthly rate of $50 for an advertisement to feature on our homepage. We have approximately 12000 visits to our homepage so this is extremely good value for money.

E-Talk Newsletter Advertiser

  • E-Talk is a regular email newsletter sent out to every member of the organisation. One advertisement spot is available at the bottom of each issue. For copies of past newsletters for more information on costs please contact us.

Tournament Stand

  • The opportunity to purchase a “Stand” at National Tournaments or other major events. Rate for the stand to be determined by the tournament organizer or Operations Executive.


Please see our Brand Guidelines and download our high resolution versions of our logos.

If your business supplies uniforms (dobok) or sparring equipment to be used in tournaments, these must conform to the regulations specified on the website:




Standards Guide

Corporate ITF Manual 2020

international Taekwon-Do & ITF Logos

This is a compressed file containing both EPS (High resolution files for Print that can be scaled to any size) and JPG FILES (Medium resolution files for web).

The International Taekwon-Do logo is a Registered Trademark and can only be used for commercial purposes by Approved Suppliers. Any school or region wishing to use the logo to promote a commercial event such as a tournament or other event must gain permission from the CEO. International Taekwon-Do schools and members are permitted to use the logo for non-commercial purposes without first gaining permission.

All use of the logo must be in conjunction with the International Taekwon-Do Standards Guide.

Taekwon-Do Overview

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