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Register for: Best Defence Course
July 16, 2016
At: Henderson Intermediate, Auckland
Taken by: Mr Phil Thompson

Pay now to secure your place, HART TKD 38-9015-0097889-00
This event is open to non-members.
If you do not have a membership#, leave blank. (will show on list with an * )
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  • If you are under 18 years of age please obtain your parents permission and ask them to tick the box below agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
  • I agree not to hold International Taekwon-Do or the organisers responsible for any injury I may sustain during the event.
  • I agree to notify the organisers at least 48 hours in advance if I am for any reason unable to attend, so that someone can take my place. If I do not cancel I understand I am obligated to still pay the event fee.
  • I/we grant the School irrevocable permission to use photographs, audio recordings, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of me/us for marketing, promotional, trade, demonstration, publishing or any other lawful purpose without remuneration.
  • I have read the waiver and release linked to here. By submitting my registration to this event I agree it is my intention to exempt and relieve the parties stated above and ITFNZ incorporated from liability for personal injury, or death caused by negligence or any other cause.

I agree to the conditions listed above and submit my registration


Best Defence Course
July 16, 2016
At: Henderson Intermediate, Auckland
Taken by: Mr Phil Thompson

Andrew Craig
Tracy Foster
Barry Hart
Debbie Hart
Jessie Hart
Richard Hastie
Andrew Hunter
Claire Iszard
Nicola Kapeli
Steve Milne
Devarsh Pandya
Hamish Robson-Wright
Amanda Salmon
Rob Stevens
Sophie Ann Taylor
Kara Timmer
Fritz Uy
Ana Milne *
Andrey Kukharenkov *
Christine Yenko-Uy *
Clara Whittington *
Jade Salmon *
Joseph Dumogho *
Karen Webster *
Lorna Tollemache *
Michelle Cagney *
Nick Wade *
Nicolette foote *
Sabine Hemmingsen-Jensen *
Sonia foote *
Stephanie van Erp *

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