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On-Line Courses

On-Line Courses for ITKD Members


This exciting new initiative by the Technical Committee will mean that instructors and students will be ale to up-skill and improve their knowledge at home, gaining qualifications recognised by ITFNZ Inc.

This idea was first presented to the Technical Advisor Group by Masters Banicevich and McPhail at a meeting in June 2018. It was a combination of their idea for a range of instructor training courses (built on what is done in Norway), together with projects of online videos and training courses that Master Banicevich had been doing with his work. 

And these courses have been made possible on the tech side by our amazing database coder - Mr Neil Breen. Neil wrote the database and has been working on this system for us since 1989, which now contains over 50,000 lines of source code!

Other courses will be added over time, with an emphasis on Instructor Development. Co-ordinating the project in 2020 is Ms Carmen Yip from Paul M Papakura in Auckland.

Check back here for updates on new courses as they happen and simply SIGN-IN to take a test.


  • Introductory Course (Available now)
    This is a quick course and test to familiarise yourself with how these courses work. Sign-in to give it a go.

  • Standards & Discipline Etiquette Course (Available to all members)
    Brush up on your basic TKD etiquette with this 5 minute course.
    Sign-in to give it a go.

  • Turning Leads into Members (Available to Instructors & Club Admins)
    This two module course is a must for all ITKD instructors and administrators. Ms Rachel Bates, Centre Manager of New Zealand's largest Taekwon-Do club guides you through an excellent presentation of how to take your internal club sales & marketing to the next level.

    Club Instructors and/or authorised administrators will be able to take this course. Sign-in

  • Instructors Induction Course (Available to blue belts & above)
    Mr Lowe's famous Instructor Induction Course is now partly on-line...with the balance of the course being 100% practical. So from 2020 all blue belts and above are invited to take this course, then apply for the practical training course once this is completed.

    The course is in two modules. Members must pass this course before applying for the training course with Mr Lowe. Sign-in to take the course

Other courses to come include:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Mental conditioning
  • Leadership
  • The Do
  • Class administration
  • Physiology
  • Pedagogy
  • Opening a school
  • Sports psychology and much more!


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