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SCTA Round Robin Tournament

Sunday 19th March 2017

Venue: Eulogy Hall, Manawatu Racecourse, Racecourse Road, Palmerston North 
Start time: 8am registration, form up at 8-30am 
Organiser: Mr Lawrence Mantjika

A tournament for new umpires to practice umpiring and also for us to learn how to organise a tournament, any proceeds goes to help subsidise those who had attended the recent umpires course.



Patterns All grades. Kubz will be asked to peform basic techniques in line work. White Belts will perform saju makgi and saju jirugi. All other grades will perform Chon Ji and above. Appropriate to their grades. Patterns - 1 round per heat, 2 for a final.

Sparring KUBZ and Peewees- no contact, and body targets only (no head attacks). All other grades deemed skillfull enough to spar by their instructors will spar with our usual ITF sparring rules. 1 x 1.5 minute round per heat, 2 x 1 minute rounds for a final. 7yrs and under is body contact only.

Power Because of the sheer amount of coloured belts wanting to do power we plan to split them into divisions based not only on rank and age, but also on weight, trying to make them similar. Coloured belts, side piercing kick only. Competitors can choose their own boards (peg or polar) however, a peg board is only worth half the amount of points a polar board is. So 3 points for a polar break, 1.5 for a peg. 1 point for a bend on a polar and 1/2 a point for a bend on a peg. Junior Black belts do side piercing kick and turning kick with the same points system. Black belt adults decide between them which breaks they wanted to do.
Fees: $25 per person per event. $40 per person to enter all events. $60 for a family of 2 to enter all events. Max of $80 for a family of 3 and more to enter all events.



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