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General Documents

Class start and end procedure

Start of Class

  • The senior member gives the command to face the Instructor and bow (eg "Charyot, Sabum nim kke, Kyong ye").
  • The senior member then gives the command to recite the Student Oath. ("Recite the Student Oath, Sijak")
  • The Instructor watches the students recite the oath.
  • The senior member gives the command to return to attention stance ("Baro").
  • Class begins

End of Class

  • The senior member gives the command to face the Instructor and bow (eg " Charyot, Sabum nim kke, Kyong ye").
  • The Instructor gives the command to dismiss ("Hae san")
  • All Clap


  • The Instructor does not recite the Oath, but can take this time to observe the students, that they are saying the oath, uniform is correct and so on. The Instructor should remain in attention stance.
  • When reciting the Oath, the students face forward, right hand raised and look straight ahead.
  • There is no longer a bow to the flag or to the senior member.

When there is more than one Instructor of different ranks, the procedure to bow is as follows:

  • The senior member gives the command to face the Instructors and one bow takes place. e.g. For a Master and a 4th dan Instructor the commands would be: "Charyot, Sahyun nim kke, Sabum nim kke, Kyong ye".


At a grading, Masters and Examiners should be positioned at the front of the class, Instructors in the next line, then students lined up behind. The procedure for bowing at the start and end should be as follows:

  • Bow to the Masters and/or Examiners first (eg "Charyot, Sahyun nim kee, Simsa nim kke, Kyong ye").
  • Recite the Oath.
  • Instructors then turn to face the students and the senior member gives the command to bow (eg "Sabum nim kee, Boosabum nim kke, Kyong ye").
  • Grading begins (with the host introducing the Examiners and Instructors) or ends (with the most senior Master or Examiner saying "Hae san").


  • While waiting, students should sit properly and not make any noise... e.g. No calling out out during free sparring or any other time.
  • Members should stay for the entire grading unless they are specifically allowed to leave - e.g. younger kids groups etc
  • Black belt certificates from the previous grading may be presented. Those people should be in dobok to receive their certificates. If they are not present, the certificates will be left with the Instructor.
  • Black belts should be present to help marshal at the grading. It is a black belt's responsibility to turn up and help.


At a Tournament, the most senior Instructor present should be bowed to at the start and end of the tournament.

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