Award Briefs


Every year the National Awards are held in conjunction with the National Tournament. It is a chance for those who are outstanding in their dedication and commitment to iTKD to be recognised and appreciated.

Award Categories and Criteria

Award categories are as follows:

      • Dan Student of the Year
      • Gup Student of the Year
      • Instructor of the Year
      • Club of the Year
      • Junior Sportsperson of the Year (under 18 years)
      • Sportsperson of the Year (over 18 years)
      • Outstanding Official of the Year
      • The President’s Award
      • The Norman Ng Trophy

Dan Student Criteria

      • Participation in events, regionally and nationally, as a competitor or official
      • Achievements in gradings and/or tournaments
      • Contribution to their club eg instructing, administration etc
      • Contribution to the greater community, if any, like outside interests or community service etc
      • Other relevant achievements

Gup Student Criteria

      • Grading results over the past year
      • Attendance at events
      • Qualifications gained
      • Contribution to the greater community if any, like outside interests or community service etc
      • Other relevant achievements

Instructor Criteria

      • Grading results of students averaged out
      • All instructor qualifications current
      • Instructors personal achievements/changes for the year if any

Club Criteria

      • Club growth/changes (Difference between registered members previous Awards year)
      • Student achievements/attendance at any event, including camps and tournaments
      • Supporting Community, Social and environmental initiatives through club participation.

Junior Sportsperson

      • This category is based on competition results at regional events, prior year Nationals, Stars Series and international placing.


Outstanding Official

  • This Award is solely the responsibility of the Tournament Advisory Panel and is presented to an official who shows extreme dedication and commitment to their role.

The President's Award

  • This Award is solely the responsibility of the President. The Award is presented to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to furthering ITFNZ Taekwon-Do in the past year. The recipient need not be a member or hold any ranking.

The Norman Ng Trophy

  • The Norman Ng Trophy is awarded to an identified person or club that reflects both the tenets and values of the art and organisation: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.


      • Each Region will nominate one person for each available category that is not the sole responsibility of an advisory group or Board. Regions can only nominate one person per category. Regions can nominate any member from any region.
      • Regional Directors are responsible for managing the nominations process. It is up to the regions to decide how nominations will be received.
      • Regions can determine the final voting process to select their category nominations.
      • The dates for each nomination period will be from the 1st of April the previous year to the 31st March of the current year. Any other information included will not be considered as part of the nomination.   
      • Each Region’s nominations shall include a description of each category nominee’s achievements, being no longer than three paragraphs and include a digital head and shoulders photo of the nominee.   


    All judging will be determined by the relevant Advisory Panels and in consideration of the Awards criteria only.

    • Dan Student                             Technical Advisory Panel
    • Gup Student                             Technical Advisory Panel
    • Instructor                                 Technical Advisory Panel
    • Club                                         Advisory Panel
    • Junior Sportsperson                  HP Advisory Group
    • Sportsperson                            HP Advisory Group
    • Outstanding Official                  Tournament Advisory Panel
    • President’s Award                     President         
    • Norman Ng Trophy                   Board


Awards Presentation

  • Awards will be presented to the winner of each category with a trophy and winners certificate.

Awards Timeline

      • A call for nominations will be made annually by the Operations Manager no less than 60 days before the Award ceremony. Regions will have a period of 30 days to return their nominees.
      • Judging by the relevant Advisory Panels and confirmation of Award recipients shall be determined no later than 14 days after nominations close. In the case of President’s, Outstanding Official and Norman Ng trophy recipients will be decided and confirmed during the same 14 day period.
      • The previous recipient of the Norman Ng trophy shall return the trophy no later than 30 days before the upcoming Award event.
      • All Award nominees shall be posted on the ITFNZ website with the photo supplied with their nomination.
      • All Award recipients will be posted on the ITFNZ website with a photo of the Award presentation.


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