Current Awards

2023 Awards

The finalistss for this year's ITKD Awards are below. Congratulations to all our finalists.

The winners for this year's ITKD Awards were announced that this year's National Tournament. See the criteria here. Winners are highlighted below. Congratulations!

NB Winners of our special awards were also announced at the Awards Cermony: Presidents Award, Outstanding Official and The Norman Ng Trophy. 25+ Year Plaques were also presented. See those awarded here.

Dan Student of the year.

Karen Atrill (MD)
Mrs Anika Koziarski (WN)
Mr Michael Rail (AN)
Bailey Jeffery (CD)
Wedaad Waja (CM)

Gup Student

Elizabeth Rail (AN)
Camryn Eastwood (MD)
Ria Sutrisno (CM)
Rei Farr (WN)
Amy Thomas (CD)


Sachin Sharma (AN)
Karen Atrill (MD)
Kishan Mistry (CM)
Cameron White (CD)
Mr Alois Vogt (WN)


Hae Taekwon-Do
Paul M Papakura

Junior Sports

Lily Koziarski (WN)
Samantha (Sammy) Berwick (MD)
Cohen Batterham (CD)
Amy Childs (CM)

Senior Sports

Bailey Filer (MD)



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