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Current Technical Seminars

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Saturday 9th November 2019

Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt

Seminar - Saturday: 
9-10am: 10 & 9th gup
10-11am: 8 & 7th gup
11-12 pm: 6 & 5th gup 

1-2.00pm: 4th & 3rd gup
2.00-3pm: 2nd & 1st gup 

Grading - Sunday:
10am 10-7th gup
1pm Green and above

(Grading application and fee are organised through your own club)

Instructors: contact Mr Lee for details of the Instructors dinner Saturday evening.

Host: Mr Nick Lee

Master Paul McPhail - 8th dan
Member of the ITF Technical Committee, Technical Advisor for ITFNZ.

Cost: $25
All registrations to be paid to your own club and ONE payment per club to the Wellington Region.

This year's grading will be a "Camp Style" grading similar to last year. It means you spend most of the grading on the floor training. If you wearn't there last year - ask around so you know what to expect.

This seminar, while an excellent and highly recommended pre-grading warm-up and preparation for Sunday's regional grading, it is not a pre-requisite or a guarantee that you are eligible to test on Sunday. Your Instructor will register those students for the Sunday Grading as appropriate in the normal manner.

A rare opportunity for gup students to learn from Master McPhail in this seminar for specific grade groups.

Master McPhail teaches instructors all over the world - this year including Hungary, Germany, Wales, Russia, Australia, Uruguay and Cook Islands.

This seminar, like last year's, will focus of your own grading syllabus, so it is the opportunity to fine tune your techniques prior to the Wellington combined grading the following day, examined by Master McPhail

Open to all ages and gup grades.
N.B. You can only attend the seminar of your grade so that numbers are low enough to get some individual feedback. Instructors are welcome to watch or take part in the back of the class, but the focus will be on the gup students.

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See the iTKD Events Management Policy for information on the various types of events. For the purposes of this document, members should be aware there are several levels of seminars in New Zealand:

1. Class A Event: e.g. International Seminars such as IICs
2. Class B Event: e.g. National Seminars such as approved Technical Seminars that receive funding assistance from iTKD
3. Class C Event: e.g. Regional Seminars for local members in regions throughout NZ
4. Class D Event: e.g. Fundraising Seminars run by clubs and are endorsed by but not funded by iTKD


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